Established in 2013, SLY Medikal has been with its customers at all times, with the supply of medical products and equipment in the health sector, the distributorship of many European brands, product/equipment logistics, after-sales services, maintenance and repair and more. Since 2020, it has started to provide services in the field of occupational health and safety (OHS) with its collaborations, experience and strengthening staff in the health sector. By analyzing the needs in all sectors, it provides mandatory OHS services, trainings, products and equipment to the sectors. SLY Medical; It continues as SLY Groups as of 2022 in line with the services it provides and the sectors it works in, in line with its future investments. SLY Groups, which handles health services with a holistic approach in its fields of activity, brings together the necessary building blocks in this field in the most effective way. It adopts the concepts of "continuous improvement, transparency, quality, safety and reliability" in all its products and services.


To be the leading company in the field of ensuring all health-serving needs, providing quality, reliable service, and constantly improving all areas of our country with its experienced staff, which can deliver maximum customer satisfaction.


There are activities that provide added value in every area of business where customers are working, developing solutions to their business product, equipment and service needs needed in all sectors, with their responsibility for their country and customers. In this respect, with the goal of continuous improvement, we monitor emerging technologies and analyze the direction of markets and sectors in a snap.

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